Intermediate Ride

Checkout the many intermediate loops you can ride June 20th - 26th for the Virtual Festival
The Ride

Lake Tahoe has tons of great trails for all levels. The intermediate Ride is less suffering but no less fun. Starting and ending at the Corral Parking area, the this ride is 7 miles long with just over 1000 feet of climbing. If you want to enjoy the trails in Meyers, but save the Triple Crown for another year this is a great option.


There are 2 options to make it longer and more advanced if you want to push it: Climb up Sidewinder (400ft climbing) and add the final push to the top of Fountain Place Road (500ft climbing), where you’ll descend Armstrong Connector and Corral all the way back to the start. Have a little extra juice? Add on Armstrong Pass (4 miles and 1,300ft climbing) and you’ll be ready for the Triple Crown next year no problem!

The Route
    • The Intermediate Ride begins at the Corral parking area.
    • Ride north on Saxon Tie Road. This merges with Powerline Road and follow Powerline Road across Saxon Creek to the left turn for the Railroad Grade Trail. Follow the Railroad Grade Trail (but consider dipping your toes in the Saxon Creek) until you hit the cul de sac at the end of Columbine Trail road.
    • Make a sharp right in the cul de sac and follow Powerline Road for one mile.
    • Turn left onto Incense Cedar and climb up for two miles.
      • More juice left? This is where you have an option to climb up Sidewinder. Continue to Lower Corral to descend.
    • Hang a right where Incense Cedar intersects with Lower Corral trail and enjoy the descent with optional (and rollable) jumps and berms.
    • Swing left when Lower Corral hits Powerline Road and retrace your path back to the Corral Parking lot.